If you don’t find the questions or answers you need here, feel free to call us on 07947426099
How do I sign up?

You can simply arrive at the gym and pay for your session there and then. Alternatively, you can call 07947426099, if you would like to make a bank transfer.

What clothing and equipment do I need to participate in the classes?
Can I buy boxing equipment from the gym?
Do I need to be fit to join the classes?
Will I tone up?
I have never done any boxing before. Can I still attend the classes?
Do you offer beginner classes?
I don’t like the idea of getting hit. Do I have to spar?
How much is each class?
Which payment package would work best for me?
Can I get private one to one boxing lessons?
Can I train to box competitively?
How do I get there and is there somewhere I can park?
What sort of people come to the club?
What facilities do you have at the gym?
I want to box. Should I start with classes or personal training?