Training on Boxing Reflex in the Gym

Working on Boxing Reflex to Respond quick;

One of the essentials to have fast reflexes as a boxer. Compare to the other martial arts, boxing needs more reflexes and power. Your reflex is against another one. Reflex is not coming only with training. It also requires concentration.

Of course your tactics, talent, strength and the other qualities are important. Without your reflexes, you can’t use any of them though. Reflex gives the best respond to fight back and you can improve it in training.

Don’t forget the difference between having a good reflex and being fast. You can have good reflexes by training yourself on particular techniques and make it a reflex. Your brain will program itself to fight back quickly. We call this as fighting reflexes. Your fighting reflex is your action after a fighting stimulus. Related to how you response.

A fighting stimulus might involve:

  • a punch thrown by your opponent
  • you can see that your opponent guard is open and respond
  • seeing your opponent’s eyes and watch his moves then respond
  • you might create an opportunity to hit your opponent so you use also your fighting plan that you got from training.

The responses you show physically might be any of followings:

  • every single punch you land or throw will be a physical response
  • your defensive moves are also physical moves
  • staying away and getting in and out of the distance
  • basically any movement you make in the ring

If you want to have a good reflex training, you have to concentrate on the stimuli.

I would suggest conditional sparring one of your reflex trainings. Of course no all of your sparring sessions will be slow sparring.

You can do pad works. Pad work is the boxer’s essential as you can gain reflex, skills, accuracy, etc.

You can do shadow boxing in pair by getting your partner in front of you. You can imagine that you are about to get hit and avoid then respond back without hitting each other.

You can use floor to ceiling ball or speed ball to improve your reflex also.

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