Tips When Starting Boxing Training

Women Boxing

So you’ve decided to start Boxing. That’s a good start but you should be aware of several things that will help you prepare for each session and how to go about training.

If you haven’t done boxing training or any intense exercise for several months, it would be wise to take it easy initially with the first few sessions. The reason being that the muscles you’ll be using will be subjected to very intense exercise. This shouldn’t deter you because you will notice a difference. Some good tips for preparation and recovery are all over the internet and whilst this blog may not cover all of them, you should take note of everything on this page.

  • Try to come to the gym 20 minutes early to the session as this can give you time to wrap your arms and perform a warm up which will help prepare your muscles for the main workout.
  • Give yourself a day to rest between each session-the intensity of the workout will cause a great deal of strain on your muscles. Whilst it is perfectly possible to come to the gym every day, it should only be attempted by those who are already in good shape and well trained. For those who aren’t, giving yourself a day or two between each workout will ensure you don’t overdo it and you can maximise your workout. Someone who would come to the gym Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday would do much better than someone who came Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Your muscles need time to relax and recover. They will not be able to do so if you simply insist on working out every day. You’ll be sore and in pain, and what’s more, you’ll really regret it.
  • Eat plenty of protein during the day (fish, meat, nuts etc.) which will help the muscles prepare and recover for the workout. A good example might be a steak, or some fish, a tuna sandwich. Don’t eat fatty things like a burger because that’ll only waste your time. Before the workout, it may be wise to eat some carbohydrates such as pasta, a sandwich or bread. This will provide you with energy but you exercise any fat or carbohydrates that would be usually stored if not exercised off.
  • Take a hot shower or bath after the session because the heat will relax the muscles and will help you wash off and relax and get ready for bed.
  • Don’t forget to cool down and stretch as your muscles will contract. It will ensure that all your hard work and effort is not wasted as the muscles may shrink after your workout. It will also ensure you don’t suffer pain and soreness later on such as in the morning.
  • Water-drink plenty during the day and the workout-I can’t stress this enough. Maybe put ice in your bottle during the workout if you want to keep your water cold. However if you want to come to the gym and you haven’t drunk any water, you could seriously harm yourself and possibly collapse. You will sweat A LOT and you need to ensure that dehydration doesn’t set in. 8 cups of water every day is the recommended amount but it’s better to over drink than under. Spread it out during the day and drink plenty before, during and after your workout.
  • Whilst you may experience some pain in the morning, it can be easily dealt with by taking some painkillers such as ibuprofen, nurofen or paracetomol. However this will only provide temporary relief. To truly relief and end any post workout pain, stretch the affected areas using some exercises.
  • Enjoy yourself and don’t compare your progress to others. Don’t feel sad or annoyed that you don’t look like a god within the first few weeks. The changes take time and if you’re determined enough, the results will pay off, with significant interest. Think, maybe this person was already a lot fitter than me in the first place; maybe they’ve been coming longer to the gym. Comparing yourself will not do any good and will only make you sad and put you down. The only comparison you should make is between yourself and yourself.

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