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Shadow boxing as a part of your training

Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing is mostly used before punch bag, sparring, speed bags. Shadow boxing is important to prevent the injuries you get from boxing workouts and get the muscles ready for the impacts.

Boxers also use shadow boxing in front of the mirror to correct their mistakes and make their punches more accurate.  Lots of boxers who have got experience, usually do shadow boxing in the ring as they can move in the ring and work on their defensive and offensive exercises.

The most people have a problem with their shadow boxing as they don’t do it properly. Focusing on punches only and forgetting the footwork is one of the common mistakes. Moving forward, backward and doing all the combinations require a good footwork.

Also while you do shadow boxing, your punches are not hitting a target which forces you to maintain balance and by punching the air you get a feel for what it would be like in a real boxing match.

Since boxing has existed, shadow boxing is one of the main exercise of boxer’s training regime. Shortly, it is fighting in mind without an opponent in front of you.  Shadow boxing gives you power to try out many of the skills of boxing before you use them on a punchbag or a live opponent.  In fact, you could even say that shadow boxing is mostly workout for the than body.

Shadow boxing work out the mind, it shows you what risks you can have in the ring and how you can fight back. In fact, the effectiveness and strength of shadow boxing is based on the absence of a physical opponent.

Boxers usually do shadow boxing towards the start of their training, after the warm-up but definitely before sparring, pads, heavy bags or etc.

You should really make the most of shadow boxing and use it to become the boxer that you really want to be.  Don’t forget that it is one of main part of your boxing training session.

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