How to wrap the hands with boxing bandages?

You can also buy the hand wraps at the gym

Boxing Hand Wraps North London Boxing Club, East London Boxing Club

Wrap Them !

Before starting any boxing class it’s essential to wrap correctly. What is your most important body part as a boxer?  Of course, your hands!  So you have to look after them.

The hand consists of many small bones and joints that can easily fracture or become injured, especially after repeated punching.   With a correct hand wrap, you will reduce the chance of injury as they secure all your loose joints and bones.

Some say to wrap between the fingers, but at North London Boxing Club we recommend the safer way to wrap your hands to go OVER the knuckle.  This helps support the knuckles even further and again reduce the possibility of injury.

1. Wrap the wrist 4/5 times.

2.Then, wrap 4/5 times around the knuckles.

3. Continue alternating between the wrist and the knuckle until there is approximately 30cms left.

4.Secure round your wrist.

Remember not to wrap round your thumbs to ensure your hands are comfortable.

(Boxing hand wraps are necessary for our classes and you can also purchase them at the gym)

                                    Blog by Laura Tollerton

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