Great Boxing Regime in a Great Boxing Gym

North London Boxing Club

I was travelling to North London Boxing Club one time with glee and anticipation and then it hit me, I was excited to go the gym. By the end of every workout I’m exhausted, tired, sweating and fatigued. Yet somehow I love feeling like that. a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that normally wouldn’t really happen if I went to a normal gym like David Lloyd or Fitness first. I work out with friends and lovely people and a real sense of camaraderie forms amongst the sweat and exhaustion. I’ve been going for a year and I haven’t looked back since, or looked this good either.

I’ve lost weight since coming and I have you to thank for that becuase of the very interesting and changing workouts. I’m much fitter and healthier than i was before I started and thus I have you to thank for that.
Danny McDonald O’Donnell

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