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Fitness Boxing Training Corrections – North London Boxing Club

Do you have boxing equipments to train yourself at home? Good to have them. Boxing Training can be done everywhere even at home. Boxing fitness is useful and fun. But, As you know, like the other training exercises you need to know what you are doing. You can see the 3 common mistakes and try to fix them.

Mistake 1 – Non-Correct Punching Technique. Some women can punch stronger than men, did you know that? When lot’s of men started our boxing classes, they thought they could punch really hard, and tried to test their power. Not using the correct technique will not let you use your body strength. Fitness Boxing Classes – Training techniques are similar to golf and tennis. You need to have control, power and speed.

Let’s correct it now – Firstly you need to work on your stance as your feet are your roots to get the balance. Put your left food forward (If You are left handed, you do the opposite). Keep your feet shoulder with apart, bend your knees slightly,  Keep your right hand on your face and left hand slightly in front of your eyes. Make sure you keep the elbows in and side on. You will be using your core muscles every time you punch. Do it nice and tidy and don’t make a wild swing while throwing a punch. Keep your hands up all the time as they have to protect you. Relax yourself as you don’t want to tire yourself easily in boxing training and land the punches accurately.

Mistake 2 – Holding the boxing training pads for a boxer or trainee. Holding the pads incorrectly, they will give constant injuries to your boxers.

Let’s make it right. – Keep the elbows in and don’t make chicken wings. Make sure pads are not too far from each other and keep it close to the targets ( chin, liver, stomach, chest). The angle will be inwards. Don’t whack the punches, try to catch them. Call the punches Jab ( front straight punch) Cross (Rear arm straight punch) then uppercuts and hooks.

Mistake 3 – Hitting the punch bags, one of the most enjoyable part of boxing training to all of us I reckon. Lot’s of people must be trying to hit the punch bags as hard as they can for 3 min. Am I right?I could say, it’s nearly impossible unless you are a top conditioned boxer.

You should be relax and trying to work on your technique also, do a few good combinations and try ing to hit the targets without missing them. You should be getting the fluency while doing the combinations. You will be enjoying it a lot, If you do so. Also you will be pacing yourself.

Try all of the tips we give you. You will also need proper boxing equipments as you need to protect your knuckles, wrist and joints.

You will be as fit as boxers. You just need to keep doing regular training.

We are waiting for you at the gym and the rest is our job.

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