Boxing Training Questions & Answers

North London Boxing Classes

What benefits would I get from boxing training ?

You can increase your coordination and agility. You will definitely loose weight, muscle tone and gain high fitness level. All results will come from our boxing classes. Lots of people think that boxing training is all about the arms and you only train your upper body but it is wrong and actually it is a cardio workout for your whole body. It is especially perfect for toning your quadricep muscles and bottom, that is great for women who want to lose weight around their thighs and bottom as part of an overall reduction regime.

You don’t have to be worried about bulking up, either. Boxing is a great deal of high repetition training so you will see tone rather than muscle. That is also so empowering. Even though it is not only a self-defence lesson, by the end you finish our class, we are sure that you will throw some hard punches

Should be cautious of anything in training?

Maybe If you have got a weak wrist that may cause a problem however once we teach you how to punch and keep your wrist properly, you shouldn’t be getting any problem with your wrists. You will definitely need hand wraps to prevent wrist and hand injuries. You can also wrap them with tape If you need some extra support.

In Your Classes, Will I Get Hurt?

In our classes,the risk is minimal as the sparring is optional and we make sure that you do the proper moves. If you do boxing classes somewhere else you should make sure that your boxing instructor is full qualified. There are lots of boxing trainers who train people but lots of them neither have done boxing before nor trained any competitive boxers. North London Boxing Club trainers make sure that they take some time out to explain you the moves.

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