Boxing Strength Training and Loosing Weight

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boxing strength Training

Boxing Strength Training

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Boxing Strength Training and Loosing Weight

Boxing Strength Training and Loosing Weight. Every athlete has two important functions . First, to be strong, and the second to be fast. Multiplying of the speed and force reveals the concept of power. But how can we be stronger or faster ? This article is generally for those who want to improve strength.

Gaining power without making muscles will give you more advantage as more weight is disadvantage in the sports such as wrestling, boxing, basketball, cycling and many more. Please note that the formula of acceleration is force / weight . I mean, the more power and less weight will help you get faster.

Being powerful usually reminds people of being strong burly giant, incredibly muscular bodybuilders . So, being very muscular doesn’t mean being very strong, In fact, without making more muscle mass , you can correctly increase your existing strength.
Naturally, a body builder is much stronger than a normal person. But people who are working correctly ( for example, a weight lifter ) may be stronger than a lot of body builders. In the Olympic Games you see that 70kg weight lifters lift 120kg bodybuilders can not even imagine.
The result is that bodybuilding is a cosmetic sport. It is more important to look better than being stronger.
This research is for athletes who want to increase their strength without increasing body weight. If your goal is to gain muscle weight by doing this then it is not for you. Remember that the weightlifting will definitely get your muscles grow though. Our goal is to increase muscle mass as low as possible to increase your strength too .
There are two ways to increase our strength right now .

1) Muscles enlarge (hypertrophy )

2) Perfecting the nervous system providing the use of the muscles. Now look at these methods .

1) Hypertrophy
Hypertrophy , in short, means any organ growing more than usual . And muscle hypertrophy ( you guessed it right ) means that the muscles growing more than usual . Therefore, growing muscles gain power. But we can split hypertrophy in 2.

Sarcoplasmik Hypertrophy : Sarkoplasmik hypertrophy of the cells responsible for the generation of ATP , which provides energy found in the mitochondria , ribosomes which protein synthesis , energy production, but also on the mechanisms by which oxidative phosphorylation and anaerobic enzymes glikolizle , means the increase of the fluid within the cells and their sarcoplasmik . ATP is the only energy source for everything muscle and thus the strength of the muscle hypertrophy builds up the best way to achieve sarcoplasmik 1RM ( the maximum weight can handle ) is a set of repeated 9-12 with 70-75% . Yet it may not increase the strength of the muscle hypertrophy sarcoplasmik . Sarcoplasmik account for 20% of muscle mass tissue .

Sarcomere Hypertrophy : Sarcomere hypertrophy twitch muscle fibers that make up miyasinlerin actin and tissue growth. Thus, increases in muscle force generating capacity . Sarcomere generates 80% of the muscle tissues . Sarcomere hypertrophy in 75-85% of 1RM for the best type of exercise I repeated with a set 5-8 .
So how is it growing muscles after weight have tried ? If you are under the load If you insert a certain level for a certain period of muscles ( such as the above- mentioned training workouts ) damage to the muscle fibers , microtrauma to stop. This trauma triggers muscle fibers and satellite cells are located outside of the satellite cells divide to repair the damage to the muscle fibers are merging. Trauma to the muscles of the same load them from interfering in the future for the eyebrows are becoming bigger and stronger .

2) Neural adaptations
Each muscle fiber is controlled by a neuron . If each neuron controls one or more fiber . The control of a neuron , and its fibers ” motor unit ” is called. Faced resistance and contraction in November when it is needed a certain neurons in the brain gives orders and fibers of neurons that are connected to their runs. But what’s that all motor units in the muscle during the work orders . Some are stored. So you can not use the full capacity of your muscles . In fact, approximately 30% of capacity and use your muscles .
During a study targeting a possible adaptation of the nervous contraction come up with more force than kullandırarak allows the motor unit . Thus, learning to use muscle, increasing muscle mass, the more force you can generate more .
Neural adaptation of the work 1RM 85i % or more of the study of a weight not exceeding four repetition .
As you can see when you turn down the weight again raise the adaptation of work and very little more nerve hypertrophy provides sacromere . When you switch to reduce the weight of the fourth repetition of neural adaptation starts to decrease gradually increase the proportion of sacromere hypertrophy . And then decreases again sacroplasmik hypertrophy, hypertrophy of the growing sacromere 8 .

Neural Adaptation ( Strength training) for the Sample Program
Neural adaptation to minimize weight and hypertrophy to implement the work program for the following work should follow the principles .

High Weight
Higher weight to the muscles you need to use muscle as much as possible . Select the highest weight or more than 85% of Kaldırabildiğiniz .

Lower back
To minimize trauma to the muscle fibers stop by the repetition of each set must never exceed 5 . Preferably, the best of 3 or 4 again .

2 Set
Recent research exercise received the highest yield in the first set and the next set and the other sets show that the yield has fallen greatly . To keep still traumatized muscle fibers do not wear out and do not go to the second set .

Set between 3-5 minutes
The next set of 2 sets of weight you are lifting dinlenmezseniz find it difficult enough and can not yield the required sets . For this reason, rest 3-5 minutes between sets . In this way, the beginning of the lactic acid level is set to minimum , and be able to work with the highest performance .

Training to Failure Do not Never ( negative re – Assisted again )
Training to be able to remove weight to the point of failure in a nutshell means to do it again . Such a form of exercise increases your risk of injury , as well as adversely affect the nervous system , as soon as possible ” plateau point” to access the forces are no longer stops. And hypertrophy of the muscles at the same time provides a huge trauma interferes .

Please reps with a slow tempo
Weight 3 – 4s ( neither more nor less ) in the lift and down. Gather your strength and weight lifting slowly push the speed increases, the load on the body would get less. Also increases your risk of injury . Studies have significantly more weight than those with a slow -speed force increase kaldıranların show won .

More than one hour not try
As you continue to workout so that the yield will fall slowly run out of energy sources . Do not run the first time ever during the workout . While tired can not work efficiently , and this is a waste of time .

Start ( 2 Monthly Sample Program )
If you have not worked before, no weight would recommend that you start the program . This program is the first coordination between the muscles, strengthen joints and connective tissues to prepare you to work more severe .
Let’s 1RM 100kg Niz . Choose a heavy lifting which you won’t get a difficulty . For example, 50kg . Start working on this 50kg , 2 gradually increase the weight by the end of the month .

Mid- Level Sample Program
Now you ‘re starting something serious . After this stage, it is important from accessing point plateau . Plateau at the body gets used to the system and the force applied by a continuous development of the stands . To prevent this, we apply the method steps as you can see . 1 set high , 2 low weight and the weight of the set is growing every week . 8 Set up your own 4-week periods after week . Start your work at the end of each period , and again gradually increase the lower weight . 9 For example, Start your day with 106kg and 112kg per week to finish. Keep in mind that sometimes you need to go one step back to go two steps forward .
Another method to use to prevent Plateau yu change the exercises for the same muscle group, for example a 4-week period, locate the different exercises that are running . For example, instead lowbox squat , squat, deadlift, good morning instead , I press floor press , etc. instead . In this way, you can prevent the force to stop the development . Download the duration of the period 4 weeks 3,2,1 week progresses .

Isolated as a complex exercise, and exercise the basic exercises can be divided into 2 groups . Stay away from isolated exercises for the first 6 months you will lose time . Multiple exercises (complex movements ) and a shorter time to run more muscle groups , allows you to establish better coordination between both muscle groups .
Single -body exercises ( isolated movements) in general, weakened after disability or any muscle group to focus on muscle groups used .
Initially, the sample exercise program you use may be as follows .

Lower Body
Squat ( 2 sets)
Deadlift (2 sets)

Upper Body
Bench press (2 sets)
Pull up ( 2 sets)
Chin up ( 2 sets)

Crunch ( 2 sets)
Leg raise (2 sets)

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