Boxing Speed Training and Development

Boxing Speed Training

Boxing Speed Training Developing

Boxing Speed Training and Development with Your Boxing Speed

Practice boxing using a heavy bag.You might have built up your strength and power but there are still a few more thing to work on, your speed must be good and you have to improve it. You can also do this with heavy punch bags.

  1. You should stand away from the punch bag in a arm length  range and swing the punch bag by pushing to get a good rhythm.
  2. While heavy punch bag comes towards you, throw straight punches and stop it before the punchbag get closes to you. Make sure that you fully extend your arms.
  3. The bag will move away from you and you should go backward little bit because the punchbag will come back and your position should be ready for it.
  4. Keep throwing straight punches at the punchbag till you get the routine and feel comfortable.

Using a skipping rope and doing sprints with it

Skipping rope jumping by doing it with sprints will help you build up your muscles to throw fast punches because in your shoulders and upper back, there are fast twitch muscle fibbers.

  • Bring your knees up and getting your wrist involved by turning them fast and sprint rapidly.
  • Including your skipping rope to a useful interval training; You can use your speed for about 30 sec. by doing sprints then pace down for 10 sec. This will also burn fat and give you more endurance as you also focus on your speed.

Doing pad work  with your trainer

Pad work will help you correct your mistakes and also give a chance to focus on your speed as your boxing stance and fluency are important to get speed.

  • You can throw 4-5 punches then try to throw 2 punches really fast. Try to focus on the same combination. Do it all the time till it becomes natural.

 You can also use weights as you do shadow boxing.

You can get the weights and do shadow boxing for a couple of rounds then leave the weights and do it without. You will notice that your punches are fast now and also you will make your shoulders and back stronger so it will also give you power.

I wouldn’t suggest using weights more than 1kg in each hand. Do your shadow boxing as usual by throwing free style punches.

Use a floor to ceiling ball.

It will help you work on your eye and hand coordination so that you have to increase your speed to catch the ball. Boxing floor to ceiling ball one of the most useful bags to increase your coordination.

  • You can start punching the floor to ceiling ball with your jabs then follow it with your crosses and hooks.
  •  Continue doing it till you land 6-7 punches in one go at least.

Another way of speed training is speed ball.

Speed ball also helps you build up your speed by using the fast twitch muscles in your shoulders and upper back.

Reflex training by practising all the time

  • Building up your speed will help you change your pace from a relaxed stance to fighting stance. You can work on your boxing defence in training either with your trainer or by doing shadow boxing and the other exercises. Also focus on your deep breathing walking at a moderate pace around the training place.
  • Also your trainer can command you with a whistle and might want you throw at least 5-6 punches every time you hit the punchbag in training.

You should do this at least a couple of rounds every time you do your boxing training.

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