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Boxing Attire

When you come to the gym, you’ll notice people wearing gym appropriate clothing. Whilst there are a variety of clothing items to wear when boxing, it isn’t that hard to find or pick any of them up. There are some essential things you should have when coming to the gym but do not feel that it’s compulsory to have everything on this list. You may even have some of them already.

Shoes-regular trainers and sports shoes will suffice just fine but if you really want to commit yourself to boxing, then boxing trainers will be your best. My own pair come from Amazon and fit me like a glove, if you’ll pardon the pun, and they’re not expensive despite such high quality (mine were £35). However make sure you’re comfortable wearing the shoes as blisters, and feet pain can be a nightmare to train in. Boxing trainers should be snug, though not too tight that you can’t your feet in or that you’re in pain whilst wearing them. They should be Snug but comfortable.

Socks-trainer socks, white sport socks, even black socks will do just fine. However make sure they’re comfortable and there aren’t any holes in them, as skin rubbing against the shoes will cause some discomfort and possibly form a blister which will make your workout less enjoyable.

Legs-for women, either shorts or yoga pants will do fine. Yoga pants may help you be more aerodynamic but shorts are just as good. Not too baggy as they may move around too much which may be distracting or they may even fall down, but not too tight as to cause discomfort? Wear what you’re comfortable in, not what looks good.

For men-A leg skin or shorts will do fine. They can be baggy, but not too much as to cause distraction. Make sure you’re comfortable wearing them, but not too big because they may fall down.

North London Boxing Club sells boxing vest, shorts and T-shirts

Torso and chest-A T shirt will suffice, nothing too expensive as you will sweat a lot and possibly ruin it. An old t shirt will be fine. NLBC sells their own brand of appropriate T shirts for £15. You can also wear an exercise torso skin if you’re confident enough as it will help make you aerodynamic and greatly reduce drag.

Arms and hands

Wraps-a pair of wraps is almost essential and it will help protect your wrists from damage when boxing. North London Boxing Club sell their own wraps for £7.


If you hadn’t guessed already, coming to the club you will be using your hands to punch things, human or otherwise. Boxing Gloves are essential to the workout here. North London Boxing Club sells their own boxing gloves at 12 oz and 16 oz but they do have ones you can use for free. 12 oz are good for use against punching bags and pads but 16 oz are much more suited for use against human opponents. Whilst you can buy gloves at low costs, they’re quality matches that price and they’re unlikely to last you a long time. A good quality glove will last you 1 to 2 years.

12 oz cost £30

16 oz cost £35

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