Boxing Classes That You’ll Get The Results


Do you think boxing is just a sport for the solid and tough, you probably make a mistake then. Nowadays, Boxing’s one of the most popular fitness exercise out there and if you want a lean, strong, shaped body you’re after then this could be the best sport for you. You can see the amazing result thinking all the famous artists done boxing to get in shape.
What’s it all about?

Scrap any opinions you have in your mind about boxing, boxing is mostly a social sport. North London Boxing Classes are usually made up of about 15 people and focus on technique and fitness. You learn how to defend yourself also will be feeling as if you are a real boxer by without getting hit.

What can I expect at a class?
Our North London Boxing classes will usually start with a 20-minute technique warm-up, followed by about 15min. of boxing pads, 30min. boxing punchbag, skipping rope,shadow boxing, etc. and finishing with a 25-minute cool-down. In our classes, you will learn how to punch properly — it’s all about technique not your strength.

In boxing, there are three main moves you have to do: hooks (“side” punches, palms must be facing the floor), jabs (straight left punches) and uppercuts (either right or left punches going upwards). Our boxing trainer will tell you which combinations you will be doing, and might also get you to change partners part-way through the work-out.

Don’t think that boxing is an easy training, though: You have to be %100 focused.Of course you can get break when you are tired and rest little bit then start again especially if you are beginner. Boxing is a full body workout with full intensity. That will keep you moving the whole time. When you’re not throwing a punch, you are ducking and weaving or doing abdominal work and squats.

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